Saturday, September 4, 2010


Hi all,

Well I have to admit that I've been a failure of a blogger for a while here goes. I really did wish for the kids to have something to remember childhood by...but my friend Annie's blog makes mine look like scribbled notes on the backs of mac and cheese boxes.

Let's see...Kellen is 4. Aidan is 11. I am 40.

I am learning how to be an energy healer; that's new.

I am working teaching at a school--also new.

I live in an intentional community where we try to be sustainable and green and supportive of each other emotionally, and I have decided that I'm healed from a bad divorce.

What else?

Kellen is in a new school, and I like it. Brian and I are kind of sort of working together regarding this school, and Aidan is in 6th grade, where he has different classes rather than one teacher. The kids are healing--all better soon--and we are moving on into this, whatever this is. I have a house with housemates and children and plants and a dog.

I want to hear your send it...and love to all,



Cinn Fields said...

Please tell us more about living in your community - some of us also live in intentional community, and would like to know more....

Eve and Isis said...

If I don't know you, rest assured--you won't be hearing from me. Best to you, Linda