Saturday, September 4, 2010

More vaca photos...

These lovely shots are of me, my mom, and Kellen at Shaker Village...We had a lovely afternoon there.



Hi all,

Well I have to admit that I've been a failure of a blogger for a while here goes. I really did wish for the kids to have something to remember childhood by...but my friend Annie's blog makes mine look like scribbled notes on the backs of mac and cheese boxes.

Let's see...Kellen is 4. Aidan is 11. I am 40.

I am learning how to be an energy healer; that's new.

I am working teaching at a school--also new.

I live in an intentional community where we try to be sustainable and green and supportive of each other emotionally, and I have decided that I'm healed from a bad divorce.

What else?

Kellen is in a new school, and I like it. Brian and I are kind of sort of working together regarding this school, and Aidan is in 6th grade, where he has different classes rather than one teacher. The kids are healing--all better soon--and we are moving on into this, whatever this is. I have a house with housemates and children and plants and a dog.

I want to hear your send it...and love to all,


Thursday, February 11, 2010

Starting Over

Hi everyone, most of whom know I have not been posting:

I've decided that amidst my busy schedule it's important to post here for Kellen and Aidan. Rather than have this be about our lives too much, it will be about people can keep up.

Currently we are in Alexandria, Va., enjoying snow and sun...The kids are happy and well-adjusted, and life is happy again after a divorce. Brian is happy in DC, and I am launching a new company...or two actually--one for free-lancing and one for greeting cards...Life is good.

Take care all!


Monday, November 23, 2009


Hi all, It's been a while since I blogged here about our family...Much has changed, and we are all adjusting, healing, and attempting to create two families that support and nurture each other.

As Thanksgiving approaches, we have much about which to be happy including a new region to explore, gifts of the spirit, healing after divorce, new relationships, career changes, and the excitement of creating new homes. Brian and I are hoping to relocate to Arlington in the winter to help support Aidan in finding a better school. Even though we are going through with our divorce soon, we are learning to be friends and work together to provide caring support for our children.

To honor Thanksgiving and the joys of our shared world, and our creator, I've written some haiku to share. May all of you have wonderful Thanksgiving holidays.

In the field,
children play baseball;
the streetlamps come on.

At the table,
children study the
vocabulary of spirit.

Sleeping boys,
the sound of breath
rises and falls.

The language of home
speaks of lighted candles
on every windowsill.

Along darkened streets,
strands of light
shine from evergreens.

In the library
of our hearts:
democracy and education.

Loving Jesus
lief of stem and flower
all-white garden in moon.

Jesus’s name
Rescuing him from cliché
Summer rains, tea, his teachings.

Jesus’s birthday
The monastery sings with its throat
of heather and plum blossoms.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Back in DC after some blessed home time

I wished to blog tonight to reaffirm my connection to this space and to my children. After a blessed six weeks of transitioning and home, life finds me back in DC building a new life for me and the children. Getting divorced can help people to change for the better...We are moving into a new space of transformation and healing together now as a family of three, and that feels reassuring.

I hope everyone has had an enjoyable fall. October in DC is not all that unlike New England in that the weather has been chilly lately, and the foliage has been majestic. I saw four red maples today that paralleled any Vermont field.

Work finds me busy with several projects, including two writing projects; three courses this semester; and spiritual expansion projects. It feels good to be working.

Kellen and Aidan and I are healing together, learning how to be in communication in a new way that reflects our growth. I am trying to remember that boys have special emotional lives and that learning about how to nurture them empowers them more than communicating out of old patterns. Releasing the old patterns is allowing new ones of healing to have room to grow.

In the garden of my heart, I am trying to grow more kindness. May everyone grow what they most need to feel nurtured, guided, and loved.